124,000 euro raised at the charity dinner with Nikos Galis at the Stelios Foundation Conference Hall in Monaco

Mr Goerge Stamas, Mr Nikos Galis, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Mr Michael Printzos

Τhe Hellenic Initiative: Fundraising Gala to support the Organization’s Summer Basketball Academy

The funds raised from donations exceeded 124,000 euros, at an event honoured by the presence of the living legend of Greek sport, Nikos Galis.

 The Hellenic Initiative’s 2nd Annual charity event in Monaco was a resounding success. The event aimed to raise funds to support the THI Summer Youth Academy, a summer basketball camp designed and implemented by the organization in partnership with Eurohoops for children aged 14-18 years old from various socio-economic backgrounds. The gala, held at the Stelios Haji-Ioannou Charitable Foundation, was hosted by the entrepreneur himself, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of easyGroup and Board Member of The Hellenic Initiative, who is an active and long-standing supporter of THI.


The glittering fundraising gala was honoured with the presence of important personalities from the world of sports and beyond. The highlight of the event was the speech by Greek basketball legend Nikos Galis, the guest of honour, which focused on how sports can contribute to the smooth social integration and empowerment of young people. Nikos Galis, the only Greek basketball player in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, said among other things: “We need to teach ethical values to young people. We need to teach them not to discriminate, not to have social and cultural barriers, and to continue believing that sports are the way out. This is my view and I will say it until I die: sport unites the whole world, all nations…”


The THI Summer Youth Academy, which will be hosted at the premises of the Leonteios School of Athens from July 1st to 26th, is being implemented for the first time in Greece in collaboration with the Eurohoops organization. It is expected to offer a unique life experience to the teenage participants, completely free of charge. The programme aims to combine basketball training sessions with a series of recreational and empowering activities that will focus on developing the skills of the teenagers, both on and off the pitch. Two hundred children have registered for the summer basketball camp, twice the initial target. To support the most vulnerable families, the programme has allocated places based on social and economic criteria to ensure the participation of children in greatest need.


George P. Stamas, Chairman of the Board of The Hellenic Initiative, said, “The implementation of an initiative such as the first THI Summer Youth Academy fills us with pride and excitement. These feelings become even stronger when we see world’s response to our efforts. Many thanks to all those who were here today to support our activities, especially Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou for his unique hospitality. Drawing inspiration from the hero of our youthful years, Nikos Galis, we continue our work with the aim that every action we take emphasizes the power of cooperation, youth empowerment, and the value of community service.”


Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Founder of easyGroup, Board Member of The Hellenic Initiative, noted, “It was a unique evening. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all those who joined us today at the Stelios Haji-Ioannou Charitable Foundation and supported another important initiative of ours. Each of our actions, each of our efforts, regardless of the way or approach, always has the same goal: the strengthening and empowerment of young people through programs that combine education, training and where possible, fun”.


More information about the THI Summer Youth Academy can be found here: https://thiyouthacademy.org/el/


About THI


Founded in 2012, The Hellenic Initiative – THI is a global non-profit organization that brings together Diaspora Greeks and Philhellenes to invest in Greece through programs focused on economic development and crisis relief. Since its inception to date, THI has invested more than $22 million in Greece, making THI the largest organization of Diaspora Greeks.


THI’s multi-faceted approach to supporting Greece includes funding innovative start-ups and small businesses, creating jobs, and providing immediate assistance to those affected by economic hardship and natural disasters. Through these actions, THI aims not only to address immediate needs, but also to lay the foundations for long-term prosperity and resilience in Greece. By leveraging the networking, expertise and resources of the Greek Diaspora, THI has become a key player in Greece’s recovery effort, inspiring hope and solidarity at home and abroad.

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